Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I attempted to bring up Herb's hypocrisy in dealing with th elevator gentleman earlier today when he went into a tirade about his aunt's inability to shut up. I smirked to myself and thought, "Like your short stature, the inability to remain quiet is a trait that runs in your family!" and would have vocalized this opinion to Herb, except he would not shut up. At one point, he ceased making any sort of sense and just began to say "yak" continuously, with a few "yakkities" thrown in. I wandered out of the diner at some point around eight, and Herb had not shut his mouth the entire time. This was maddening, but I later spoke to his wife and what Herb did was apparently exactly what his aunt did to him, complete with the "yaks" and "yakkities". While his wife did ask me to retrieve Herb for her, and to make sure he was not wandering the streets while confronting various citizens with his own blend of malice and madness, I have not yet done so.

The most disturbing thing about all of this is the fact that, when I spoke to Herb's wife, his aunt was still on the phone. No one had yet hung up on her, for fear of incurring her wrath. I may call the police on both Herb and his aunt, as I've no doubt they pose a threat to others.

On another note, Yolanda has decided to think about going to see a movie with me this weekend. If we go, we'll see that one based on that television show with the women. If she decides not to go, then I suppose I'll have to go find Herb, wherever he may be, and ask him to go. I know no one else well enough to invite them to see a movie. I need to broaden my social horizons.


Domynic said...

Perhaps, if one seeks to make acquaintances that don't often sound like they are choking on a capuchin monkey for hours on end, one could entertain themselves with that popular online game with the two playable factions.

Or maybe you could get the new edition of that tabletop game played with pencils and dice. You could play a fighter-type of the race that is about as short as Herb, but with long beards.

yatima said...

Here is a comment that comments wryly upon that post in your "blog". Here is a witty conclusion!

2fs said...

It is the sort of thing that creates vaguely positive feelings in a person who might read something online like your website that someone like you is writing entries somewhat like yours about the things you write about. It gives me the feelings that might be experienced by a person feeling good feelings. And thus, I react accordingly!