Thursday, June 12, 2008

My friend Herb has decided against investing his stimulus check, and will instead frivolously spend it, a fact which causes me much disbelief. I confronted him about this, and he basically said that he would rather be fiscally irresponsible rather than fiscally responsible. While this did bring a smile to my face, as I now had the means to make Herb's life even more difficult, I had to wonder what Herb would spend the check on and what, exactly, his means were. After all, he quite recently bought a Smart Car, which is no small purchase, though it may be a small automobile. Perhaps he shall use his check responsibly and use it to pay off his car.

Who am I kidding? I know that Herb will walk lazily into the night, not coming home until half past five, and his stimulus check will be spent on those who practice the "oldest profession", powdered hallucinogenics, and alcoholic beverages.

For my part, I have put away my check in order to purchase that fax machine I've had my eye on. It should be on sale at the beginning of next month for that holiday.

It also looks like Yolanda will be otherwise disposed this weekend, and so I shall see if Herb wishes to go see a movie. Perhaps he can use the stimulus check for that, when we see that movie everyone has been talking about with that one actor.

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Norm Loman said...

Oh yes, that one actor you speak of is very good. He was in that one really great movie with that car chase in it.