Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today, Herb told me of a disturbing story involving the pastor's assistant. He and Herb had gone over to the rectory in order to see the rectory's grill. I have seen this grill. It is needlessly ornate and filled with tubes and nozzles. In any case, the pastor's assistant went on to butcher one of the Ten Commandments, as Herb was immediately infatuated with the rectory's grill. Herb then began praying to this false idol.

I fear that the rectory has been infected, and I shall have to report them to the Vatican. It is my duty.


Eric B. said...

That grill is indeed very troublesome. It looks like it was built by members of that one fantasy/role-playing community that builds modern appliances out of 19th century technology like gears and steam power. If Herb and the pastor's assistant begin wearing felt hats, monocles and pocket watches, you should become very concerned and redouble your efforts with the Vatican.

Norm Loman said...

Yes, I'm sure that renowned church leader at the Vatican would have very strong opinions on that industrial do-it-yourself subculture. You ought to let them know right away.

But why is Herb at the rectory? Isn't he a satanist anyhow?