Friday, June 20, 2008

Today, Herb was having a conversation with the Deacon about the power of prayer. Inevitably, it turned to Herb and what he would pray for, as Herb steered the conversation that way rather clumsily. The Deacon was understandably perturbed when Herb revealed that he used to steal candy bars and ask for God's forgiveness. I was appalled, but also delighted. You see, our restaurant used to have a selection of candy bars which would always go missing. I think Herb was behind this. I may put out a trap for him, a laxative-laced chocolate bar.

Also, I may be going to see a film this weekend. Would you suggest the movie with the actor recovering from substance abuse, or the movie about the fellow with anger management issues?


spencer said...

I am interested in seeing that movie about an occurrence of some type. You know, the one made by that director everyone used to talk about, who is always shocking us with surprise endings.

Norm Loman said...

Don't forget that movie where two people fall in love. I read on a blog about motion picture that some people really enjoy it.