Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yesterday, while I longed for human contact, no one came to my aid. As such, when I found my friend Herb having a temper tantrum in my kitchen this afternoon, I was rather surprised. I treated him with cold impassiveness in an attempt to gain some sort of comfort from him until he expressed his wish to some day win an argument with a woman. At this point, I felt as if I could become witty and borrow a line from my father, being incapable of having more advanced thoughts "on the fly", as it is. However, I realized too late that the line I had borrowed was merely on how futile it is to try and argue with a woman, and not winning those arguments as I had previously remembered. This struck me with a feeling of ennui and also affected my friend, Herb. I did not finish the sandwich I had made that day, and when it became clear to Herb that I was not going to escape my despair, he left to have another futile argument, no doubt.

I envy Herb. Though he may be Lilliputian in stature compared to myself, he has experienced the mutual touch of another human. As such, I shall not report Herb's trespass into my kitchen.


Rocketbride said...

perhaps your words of wisdom were more wise than you suspected, although as a woman, i appreciate a good argument. in fact, i recently read that women are biologically better suited to argument than men (based on evolutionary fight-or-flight response), thus leading to the tired jokes about the intractible nature of the female.

Norm Loman said...

You certainly provided your companion with wise advice concerning "male and female confrontations".

The Surreal Monk said...

Why do you eat radioactive bread?